The Oval Comedy Club 

Brian Damage


It all started at

The Cosmic Comedy Club in Fulham Palace Road.

After a whole year of thinking

"I must pop in there one night... just for a laugh"

Brian popped in .. and LOVED it!

He collected the numbers of the acts he liked

and when asked why he wanted them he replied "I shhh wad a pud a clubbonne dy"

which to him meant "One day I shall start my own club..."

Being true professionals they reluctantly handed over their numbers.

18 Months later Brian started

The Oval Comedy Club

at The Cricketers by The Oval Cricket ground

It lasted for about 3 months before moving to

The Grosvenor in Sidney Road Stockwell.


Oval Comedy Club

Cartoonist John Byrne did some flyers for us.


While MC

Brian Damage

Brian Damage

peddled his miserable songs

Ivan Steward

Ivan Steward

ranted and raved and tormented the audience 

Keith Weller

Keith Weller

played his part as Ed Butt The Bouncer


Erica The Singing Waitress

Erica The Singing Waitress

sang and waited... and waited


Max The Musical Interval

Max Taylor

added what he believed to be music to the interval

and we had live bands at the end of the night

Between all this

we managed to squeeze in about 7 or 8 acts each night to please an audience of between 2 and 150

We did have 150 once when the brilliant Al Murray headlined on our 1st birthday.


Go Banas at The Oval Comedy Club

We retained our original enthusiasm until Pear Shaped's third birthday

And then... everything went Pear Shaped...

Grumpy Brian Damage

 and we're very happy to say it still is.


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